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The formula product of nutrition blends-inner-peace is well known, it is a remedy for plants used for a wide range of problems. In oncology, it is especially recommended as a topical treatment to prevent or treat skin irritations after radiotherapy. The product is a succulent plant with many amazing uses, it is then applied topically to the skin and hair or ingested. The product can also be combined with other natural ingredients to be part of your health or beauty routine. The product is scientifically proven the ingredients used in the Inner Peace formula have been specifically chosen because of scientific studies proving that they have the power to significantly improve the health and well-being of the individual. For decades, the soothing nature of nutrition blends-inner-peace formula has been known and respected by the people who believe in naturopathy. The product has compounds such as ashwagandha, magnolia, hops,l-Theanine, Passion Flower, Panax Ginseng, Hawthorn Berry that are extremely beneficial for human health. It has 18 amino acids that work in association with other compounds of the human body to deliver numerous health benefits. It has been reported extensively that Panax Ginseng supports the immune system by enhancing the body's resistance to illness and microbial attacks. More here...

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New markets for menhaden oil products have also been identified. Extensive research at the Charleston Laboratory of the National Marine Fisheries Service focuses on the use of the oil as nutritional supplements and therapeutic agents. The US Food and Drug Administration has recently granted safe status to menhaden oil, which resulted in an increased demand by Americans (Anon., 1990). Refined menhaden oil contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids the oil product American food manufacturers favor. There are orders for the oil from manufactures of bread,

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Fda Dietary Supplement Disclaimer

Dietary supplements, functional foods, probiotics, herbals, botanicals, nutra-centicals is this food we're eating, or are we self-medicating That is not only the question but also the conundrum. What are we buying, and why are we buying We must have some idea because we're wiping the products off the shelves faster than they can be replaced. In 2004, dietary supplements were wisked off the shelves to the tune of 19.8 billion herbals and botanicals, 4.2 billion and functional foods, 22 billion. These 46 billion's worth is expected to become 50 billion by 2010. Those 46 billion came from some 50 of our citizens teenagers, seniors, and dieters both ill and healthy. Are we simply giving our money away, or is the public onto something something that scientists and physicians have yet to grasp Our first question therefore is What is a dietary supplement Prior to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, of which we will have much to say, the term dietary supplements...

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Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act ofI994, Public Law 103-417 (S. 784), Oct. 25, 1994 U.S. Code and Administrative News, No. 3. 7. Palmer, M. E., Haller, C., McKinney, P. E. et al., Adverse events associated with dietary supplements An observational study, Lancet 361 101-106 (2003). 8. Lewis , J. D. , and Strom , B. L. , Editorial Balancing safety of dietary supplements with the free market, Ann. Intern. Med. 136(8) 616-618 (2002). 38. Dietary Supplements Review of Health-Related Call Records for Users of Metabolite 356, GA0-03-494, General Accounting Office, Washington, DC, March 2003 . 43. Gill, H. S., Rutherford, K. J., Cross, M. L. et al., Enhancement of immunity in the elderly by dietary supplementation with the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, Amer. J. Clin. Nutr. 74 833-839 (2001).


Over the past several years PC-SPES (PC for prostate cancer SPES, Latin for hope) had become a potential prospect for treatment of prostate cancer, and sold as a dietary supplement for prostate health. Labeled as a mixture of seven chinese herbs plus Saw Palmetto, it gained wide popularity among prostate cancer patients. However, by 2001, reports of severe bleeding episodes, abnormal clotting times, and breast tenderness and enlargement, appeared in the literature. In 2002, the California Department of Health posted a warning on its Website that PC-SPES was contaminated with both (1) diethylstilbestrol (DES), a synthetic estrogen, indomethacin, an antiinflammatory compound, and (2) warfarin, a blood thinner. This was verified by radiology researchers at University of California, San Diego, and Palacky University in the Czech Republic. They recommended that the utility of phytoestrogens and other phytochemicals be investigated for the management of prostate cancer, and that...


A morsel of food, any food, starts the process. Our teeth grind food into small particles, and the tongue compacts them into lumps, a bolus, while saliva containing the digestive enzyme amylase metabolizes any starch in the food. The smaller the chewed (masticated) particles, the faster chemical digestion occurs. Our tongue moves the bolus toward the back of the mouth to the throat, where throat muscles constrict, forcing the bolus into the esophagus. Muscle contraction (peristalsis) carries the bolus down into the stomach, where strong hydrochloric acid digests the bolus and stomach muscles break it into still smaller particles. The protein-splitting enzyme pepsin continues the digestion with the aid of lipase, a fat-splitting enzyme. After several hours in the churning acidic environment, the partially digested food particles, the chyme - passes into the duodenum, the small intestine nearest the stomach. As the digesting food passes along, it is hit by additional enzymes secreted by...


Ephedra, the most widely used ingredient in dietary supplements for weight loss, is a powerful stimulant that can affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Because of concerns about the risks of ephedra, athletic associations, states, and medical organizations have tried to curtail its use in supplements. A recent study conducted by a team from the Department of Family Medicine, University of Southern California, and the U.S. Veterans Affairs Healthcare System of Los Angeles had as its objective the assessment of ephedra's efficacy and safety. This study was a metaanalysis in which 52 controlled trials and 65 case reports were included. Their analysis speaks for itself. We found sufficient evidence to conclude that ephedrine and ephedra-containing dietary supplements have modest short-term benefits with respect to weight loss and have harms in terms of a 2-3 fold increase in psychiatric symptoms, autonomic symptoms, upper gastrointestinal symptoms, and heart palpitations. They...

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