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Make-Up for Beginners: Learn Doing Make-Up like a Pro is an online course created by Lana Vallo. It helps individuals do their makeups in a professional way such that they are durable, last for long and enhance beauty. It transforms you into an expert that other people will turn to for help over and over. Subscribing to this program guarantees you more beautiful than ever before. The course was designed following an increasing demand for brand-neutral, timely, and professional advice on the skill of makeup. Enrolling to the course does not require any special tool or requirements. Nonetheless, once you are done with the sessions you will require professional makeup brushes and other necessary tools including a complete makeup kit. It will also be necessary that you find a model for putting into practice all the strategies covered by the video tutorials, especially if you aspire to do makeups for other individuals. This is a fantastic program with thousands of positive reviews. It will significantly improve your skills and make you an expert in the makeup industry. Payment is processed via ClickBank and the product has a 60-day warranty.

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Purchasing this book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

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Step Appoint A Drought Task Force

The task force should reflect the multidisciplinary nature of drought and its impacts, and it should include appropriate representatives of government agencies (provincial, federal) and universities where appropriate expertise is available. If applicable, the governor's office should have a representative on the task force. Environmental and public interest groups and others from the private sector can be included (see Step 3), as appropriate. These groups would be involved to a considerable extent in the activities of the working groups associated with the Risk Assessment Committee discussed in Step 5. The actual makeup of this task force would vary considerably, depending on the principal economic and other sectors affected, the political infrastructure, and other factors. The task force should include a public information official that is familiar with local media's needs and preferences and a public participation practitioner who can help establish a process that includes and...

Changes In The Atmosphere

In 1957 studies at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in California suggested that, indeed, half the CO2 released by industry was being permanently trapped in the atmosphere. The studies showed that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 in the previous thirty years were greater than in the previous two centuries and that the gas had reached its highest level in 160,000 years. Scientists can estimate the makeup of Earth's atmosphere long ago by testing air pockets in ice sheets believed to have formed around the same time.

Green Health and Beauty Products

Do you know what's in the stuff you slather on your skin, lather into your hair, or paint on your nails Many beauty and health products are a chemical minefield, and it pays to know what's in them before you make them part of your routine. Obviously, no one today would use the lead-based cosmetics women in ancient Rome used to whiten their complexions. But did you know that as many as 60 of all lipsticks on the market contain some lead (Don't lick your lips as you ponder that.) Table 7-1 only scratches the surface of the chemicals and other nasty substances that may lurk in your bathroom cabinet. To get the full picture, visit Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database at You can search by product, company, or ingredient. Grab the shampoo, moisturizer, or other product you use and check its ingredients in the database most likely, it'll be a real eye-opener. So how do you find health and beauty products that are safe to use The Campaign for Safe...

Government Regulations Programs And Funding

The Pure Food and Drug Act was originally passed in 1906 and substantially strengthened in 1938 by passage of its replacement, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. That Act was amended during the 1950s and 1960s to tighten restrictions on pesticides, food additives, and drugs. Responsibility for enforcement of the Act lies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA oversees food supplies, human and veterinary drugs, biological products (such as vaccines and blood supplies), medical devices, cosmetics, and electronic products that emit radiation.

Chemicals in Household Products and Their Effects

Many household products like detergents, furniture polish, disinfectants, deodorizers, paints, stain removers, and even cosmetics release chemicals that may be harmful to human health as well as cause environmental concerns (see the table, Household Products and Their Potential Health Effects). Insecticides, pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers that are used for maintaining one's lawn and garden are another source of household pollution. Their entry into the house could occur through air movement or adsorption by shoes and toys, which are then brought inside the house.

Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

Installation Chantier Humour

Because gravity holds gases in Earth's atmosphere, the gases are densest near the planet's surface and become less dense at higher altitude. However, the makeup of atmospheric gases is nearly the same at all altitudes. But, despite its being similar in composition, the atmosphere is divided into layers, primarily according to how the temperature changes with altitude. The layer nearest to Earth's surface, rising from sea level to about 6 miles (11 kilometers), is called the troposphere. Its primary heat source is the Earth's surface, so the troposphere generally displays a decrease in temperature with altitude. The stratosphere rises from the top of the troposphere to about 30 miles (45 km) up. Because this layer is heated by the Sun's UV, the stratosphere gets warmer closer to the Sun. The stratosphere contains the ozone layer This is the exception to the rule that the makeup of the atmosphere is the same at all elevations. This layer, which lies between 9 and 19 miles (15 and 30 km)...

The Continuing Need for Hydrocarbons and their Products

Coal Liquefaction

Tumen from natural pools to seal joints in wooden boats, line water canals or inlay mosaics in walls and floors. At that time, liquid oil was also the fuel of choice for oil lamps. The Egyptians embalmed mummies with asphalt, while the Romans used flaming containers filled with oil as weapons. Native Americans used crude oil for medicinal ointments. As mentioned earlier, the modern petroleum industry however, was only born in the middle of the 19th century in America, with the invention of the kerosene lamp leading to the formation of the first oil companies in Pennsylvania. Commercial production was first aimed at fulfilling the growing demand for kerosene used in lamps. At that time, the lighter gasoline was mainly a wasted byproduct of the distillation of kerosene from crude oil, until the early 1900s when automobiles with gasoline and diesel engines became commonplace. Farm equipment powered by gasoline and diesel fuels soon also became popular, dramatically increasing...

Sustainable Catalytic Processes In The Synthesis Of Fine Chemicals

Menthol is a fine chemical of significant industrial interest because it is widely employed in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toothpastes, chewing gum, and cigarettes. The menthol molecule is a terpenoid containing three quiral centers that account for the four resulting enantiomers menthol, isomenthol, neomenthol, and neoisomenthol. Because each individual enantiomer forms two optical isomers the dextro(+) and levo(-) isomers menthol comprises eight optically active isomers, but only (-)-menthol possesses the characteristic peppermint odor and exerts a unique cooling sensation on the skin and mucous membranes. Most of (-)-menthol is obtained from natural essential oils, but its production by synthesis has increased lately. In 1998, the production of synthetic menthol was 2500 tonnes (t), which represented about 20 of the world production of menthol 13 . Synthetic menthol is currently produced by two companies, Symrise (previously Haarmann & Reimer) and Takasago. The Haarmann &...

Onsite Sewage Treatment

And, of course, why not use treated sewage for flushing toilets, since black water is about 98.5 water anyway That helps close the water cycle, an essential element in a truly sustainable building. Other uses for treated sewage in a building can include washing of roadways and sidewalks, landscape irrigation and cooling tower makeup water (to replace water lost by evaporation and back-flushing).

US Food and Drug Administration FDA

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects public health by guarding against impure and unsafe foods, drugs, cosmetics, and other potential hazards. The FDA carries out this role through regulation, testing, studies, and consumer advisories. In addition, the FDA actively enforces a number of laws, including the Food Quality Protection Act and Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act, to protect the public against unsafe foods and other products. Foods can be adversely affected by dioxins,

Design Features of the AP

Ap1000 Irwst

There are two such tanks, each containing borated water. When the reactor pressure or water level falls below prescribed safety levels, the reactor scrams and air-operated valves open between these tanks and the pressure vessel. These are fail-open valves that open if the air supply is lost. The tanks are situated at a greater height than the reactor vessel, providing gravity-fed flow. It does not matter if the reactor is still under pressure, because the piping is such that the same pressure appears at the top of the core makeup tank as in the reactor vessel. 2. Accumulator tanks. There are two such tanks, each also containing borated water, driven by nitrogen gas at high pressure. They supplement the core makeup tanks and come into play when the reactor pressure falls below the accumulator pressure. 3. In-containment refueling water storage tank (IRWST). The above-described tanks provide cooling water immediately. A much larger tank, the IRWST (normally used...

The Water Treatment Process

Natural Treatment Plant System

Sometimes, the particles that need to be filtered out during water treatment are very small. This makes them less likely to settle out and less likely to be filtered out. Chemicals called coagulants and or filter aids are added to the water and mixed in (flocculated) to make the fine particles stick together to form bigger particles that can better settle out or be filtered out more effectively. Depending on the microbial and chemical makeup of the water, different chemicals are used as coagulants. The purpose of these two steps is to improve the performance of the remaining treatment processes.

Toxic Substances Control Act TSCA

Pesticides, and substances used in cosmetics, food, and drugs are regulated under other federal laws, but many chemicals, including polychlori-nated biphenyls (PCBs), were not subject to review or regulation until TSCA was passed. Studies showing PCBs to be dangerous to human health were an impetus for TSCA. In 1977 the EPA outlawed PCBs and subsequently regulated their disposal with strict safety requirements.

Population Variability

As dose-response relationships show, populations are not equally susceptible to toxic hazards. Differences among individuals are due to gender, age, inherited genetic makeup, and the wear and tear and immunities that develop during the course of life. For example some people have inherited the genes that enable them to detoxify certain pesticide poisons. These people do not get sick from exposure at levels that make other people ill. Current research is linking bio-markers for genetic risk factors to disease outcomes. As it becomes clearer why people are differently vulnerable (or resistant), it also becomes more apparent that the same risk-based standards may not be applicable across populations. For example dietary iron is a risk factor for heart disease among middle-aged men at concentrations considered beneficial to women of reproductive age.

Avoiding Exposure and the Use of Green Products

Indoor air quality should improve with increasing consumer preference for green products or low-emission products and building materials. Green products for household use include products that are used on a daily basis, such as laundry detergents, cleaning fluids, window cleaners, cosmetics, aerosol sprays, fertilizers, and pesticides. Generally, these products do not contain chemicals that cause environmental pollution problems, or have lesser quantities of them than their counterparts. Some chemicals have been totally eliminated from use in household products due to strict regulations. Examples include the ban of phosphate-based detergents and aerosols containing chlorofluorocarbons. A list of green products available in the United States and other countries is provided in an adjacent table. Materials like plaster boards, urea-formaldehyde foam insulation, soldering glue, switches, and panel boards, which are known to cause indoor air quality problems, have been substituted with...

Water Related Questions

2 Will the local jurisdiction allow graywater or rainwater to be reused for landscape irrigation and or building water uses such as toilet flushing, cooling tower makeup water, parking lot washing, and so on If not, can we appeal to their better instincts to begin allowing such systems

Genetically Modified Organisms

But how does breeding work Why are modern tomatoes different from ancient natural wild real tomatoes Breeding by artificial selection (which, by the way, helped Darwin form his theory of natural selection) is the same as genetic manipulation and modification. A large, red, juicy, and delicious apple is different from a small, hard, sour apple because of genetic differences. For all living organisms, all physical characteristics (called the phenotype) of the organism are determined by its genetic makeup. However, whenever mating occurs (and this is as true for a tomato as it is for us), the genes of the two parents are scrambled, rearranged, and recombined in ways that produce variations in the offspring. If your son has your musical ability and your husband's blue eyes, but your daughter has exactly your skin tone and is tone deaf like her father, you know what I mean. Of course the variation caused by random mating (which assumes that you and your spouse were not specially selected...

Explaining Chinas negotiating position

Although China's geographic constraints, demographic makeup and the historical legacies make environmental protection particularly difficult, environmental diplomacy has started to receive attention within the government due in large part to these objectives (Kobayashi forthcoming). This movement has, in turn, led domestic scholars to call for further research on how environmental diplomacy can be utilized to China's best interests (Cao et al. 1998 171-189 Zhao and Li 1998 195-199). Now the question becomes, if there does appear to be a consensus within China on the value of addressing climate change, why has China often been uncooperative in the international negotiations, at least at the multilateral level

Climate Action in Dining Services

University dining halls, kitchens, and dish rooms are full of opportunities for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. These opportunities are greatest when a kitchen, servery, and dining room are designed or renovated, or when new equipment is purchased. As with any construction, care should be taken to select the most efficient equipment possible. Key opportunities exist in air-conditioning, exhaust, makeup air, refrigeration, dishwashing, water conservation (particularly of hot water), and cooking equipment. Some options may be improved by careful layout that groups equipment needing little or no exhaust together and equipment that needs more exhaust elsewhere. Lighting and HVAC in the dining areas as well as controls to shut equipment, exhaust, and lighting off are opportunities.

UnderstandiNg The SciEnce BehiND iT ALL

In a rapidly urbanising Asia, millions of people are using consumer goods such as detergents, dishwashing liquids, toilet cleaners, lotions, cosmetics and fragrances which are reaching water bodies and most likely coming back in drinking water. Not only that, pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, anti-depressants, hormones and pain-killers are also being excreted from human bodies, and thus contaminating rivers. In view of the rise in cancers, allergies, miscarriages, behavioural disorders and other new diseases, a link has been suspected between them and 'emerging chemical contaminants'.

Biological And Biohazardous Wastes

Biological waste is defined as infectious waste, pathological waste, chemotherapy waste, or the containers and supplies created during its handling and or storage. It is further described as waste that because of its quantity, type, or makeup requires special handling. Noninfectious waste can be handled as non-hazardous and can be disposed of through standard methods of trash disposal.

The Foundations Of The Global Governance Of Climate Change Ihe Initial Normative Context Universal Participation

Nineteen-eighty-eight also saw the inauguration of the IPCC in November. UNEP and the WMO created the panel to research and report the current state of climate change knowledge. Thirty states undertook this largely scientific enterprise (eleven developing, including the crucial Southern states India, China, and Brazil) in three working groups the science of climate change, the impacts of climate change, and potential policy responses to climate change.45 The express purpose of the IPCC was to provide a firm foundation for future negotiations. The North-heavy makeup of the panel reflected the current state of climate science expertise, rather than an understanding of appropriate participation. However, the IPCC was not immune to the alterations of the normative context ongoing in the ozone negotiations.

The Nature of the Continental Shelf

Continental shelves occupy a small fraction of the ocean's area, but supply an inordinate share of total ocean production, generating ecological goods and services that some estimate to be worth trillions of dollars annually. Ecological goods include seafood, oil, minerals, and phycocolloids (compounds from seaweeds found in a vast array of products, from ice cream to cosmetics), among many others. Continental shelf and nearshore

Objections and Fears Concerning GM Crops

The supporters of transgenic crops say there is no difference between genetic modifications of plants by classical breeding methods to produce, for example, hybrid corn and using gene transfer to accomplish a similar result. If anything, they say, genetic engineering is more precise because it introduces just one or two genes into a plant. With conventional breeding, thousands of unknown genes are transferred in order to get the one with the desired trait. If altering genetic makeup is unnatural, they say, humans have been performing unnatural acts for thousands of years. You don't find poodles or seedless grapes in nature. With the assortment of genes now known, crop designers can simply choose the traits they want and impart them in one step instead of by trial and error. Simply replace a gene believed to be neutral for humans with one that is beneficial.

Tapping into Hidden Student Energy Stories to Inspire Action

A makeup vote just for the wind petition was scheduled, but windpower advocates were given only two days' notice. And the vote would be during reading period before final exams. Who would pay attention How could advocates possibly get the 25 percent participation required for a valid vote On voting day as advocates planted hundreds of orange, green, and yellow pinwheels on the academic quad a cold drizzle was falling. Would anyone care When voting closed at midnight, 40 percent of the students had participated with 88 percent voting for the wind initiative. Equally important was the 40 percent voter turnout, higher than participation in the regularly scheduled student government election. Is it possible that interest in climate action will engage students more broadly in political participation and local and national governance

Coming to Know Geography through Difference

Notwithstanding these efforts, and despite the fact that a number of geographers are already challenging the demographic makeup of the discipline, the legacy of patriarchal whiteness is still very influential.1 David Delaney recently, and wryly, noted that Geography 'is nearly as white an enterprise as Country and Western music, professional golf, or the Supreme Court of the United States' (2002 11). And while he is referring to Geography in the United States where over 90 per cent of Geography department members are white (Puildo, 2002), these comments could equally apply to departments in Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and in Europe (ask yourself, how many of the lecturers and professors in your department are white, compared to the population at large where you live ).

Toward a Grassroots Politics of Climate Sustainability

Another major driver of locale-based action for climate protection can be found in the relative diversity of the industrial makeup of many cities and states, where fossil fuel and automobile companies seldom dominate local economies. Moreover, policies to promote renewable energy and reduce overall energy demand can enhance demand for new technologies and industries that create local jobs (CEEP 2005 Hoerner and Barrett 2004 Union of Concerned Scientists 2005 Sterzinger and Svrcek 2004a, b) . Also, community-based renewable energy initiatives can enhance landowner revenue and the municipal tax base, with such investments showing the potential for a greater multiplier effect on communities' economies than that associated with fossil fuels (CEEP 2005 Hopkins 2003).

The benefits of environmental credentials

Anita Roddick's passionate commitment to the environment and abhorrence of the idea of animal testing gave her cosmetics chain a raison d' tre beyond the provision of beauty treatments and toiletries, despite their undoubted inventiveness as products. The buyers of Body Shop products were not just purchasing efficacious shampoos, nor were they simply acquiring aspiration fashion and image values through colourful and stylish cosmetics. They were voting with their wallets for an ethical stance.

Big Is Not Synonymous With Beautiful Or Much With Civilized

European nations also suffered loss of economic prominence and leadership in many areas in which they had ruled supreme, such as luxury goods in apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, and automobiles. The clock had really gone full circle. Asia, which had been an economic backwater for long after offering some of mankind's major scientific and technical advances long ago, had reemerged as the global economic and technical center.

Case Study Green building roles for structural and civil

Graywater treatment systems can involve both the civil and mechanical engineers teaming up to collect and treat such wastewater for reuse in the building, cooling tower makeup, or even landscape irrigation or hardscape washing. Civil engineers can also look for opportunities to reuse existing concrete or asphalt for various fill and sub-base applications in project site work, thereby helping to achieve LEED credits for salvaged or recycled-content materials.

Interpreting Transformation within

The preceding chapters have traced the transformations within European Green parties as they have evolved from the radical new political actors of the 1980s into a recognized, although not always necessarily welcome, part of the contemporary party political environment. It is evident from the analysis that the Green parties who operate today are in many ways far removed from the style and format of the original antiparty party' concept that shaped Green party politics in its formative years and that led to the Greens being recognized as a fresh challenge to traditional politics. During their lifetimes, the Greens have at times faced crippling internal conflicts and debates over the process of reform and the implications of these changes to their ideological makeup. That they have survived these conflicts and often recovered from what could have been fatal electoral performances reflects a level of endurance which many individuals doubted the new parties would be capable of. However,...

Dip in the Gene Pool

Within a wild species may vary considerably in their genetic makeup. Not all members of a species may produce the particular compounds that could help us cure cancer (though we already have a cancer medication from periwinkle flowers) or battle current and future epidemics. So genetic losses can in some cases be as consequential as the loss of a species. Many animals have such lessons for us. We can observe the ways they use their natural resources, how plant and bug juices interact with their own genetic makeup, and how we might make use of the chemical compounds ourselves (if we are genetically similar enough to the animals to benefit in comparable ways). But for that we need both the plant and animal species, and the diverse genes they carry.

Box Two types of values

The Body Shop represents an example of ethics-based values. This company would never sell a product that has been tested on animals. In many cases this company also provides a living for native peoples and farmers in less developed countries, by purchasing their produce as raw materials for cosmetics. In addition to this, The Body Shop also encourages employees in shops and offices to participate in community projects in the cities where the company does business.

Geneticallymodified organisms

Genetic modification (or engineering) is a process by which individual genes can be copied and transferred from one organism to another to alter the genetic makeup of the recipient organism with a view to transferring or deleting specific characteristics. This can produce, for example, bacteria, fungi, viruses, plants, insects, fish or mammals whose genetic material has been altered in order to increase resistance to disease, increase yield, or provide some other physical property. Theoretically, a gene from one species can be implanted into any other, and genetic engineering can provide benefits in terms of food production. For example, it could help reduce the loss of food supplies from disease, viruses and pests, control weeds, improve the nutritional value of foods, make foods last longer, and make crops resistant to drought and frost. It has so far been used mainly in the food industry, in pharmaceuticals, and in the production of new energy sources.

Climate Change Impacts

Although the IPCC does predict an overall increase in timber production, they do caution that there will be regional variability due to local factors such as precipitation, temperature, humidity, soil type, and severe weather events. In California, for example, they project that initially (around 2020) climate change will increase harvests by causing an increased growth but by 2100 there will be reductions in areas of softwood growth. They also predict there will be substantial negative impacts to other products from forests, such as seeds, nuts, resins, plants used in pharmaceutical and botanical medicine, cosmetics, and hunting resources.

Work with Related Issues

One area of direct climate change impact is the use of fume hoods, an energy-intensive technology that is necessary for healthy and safe use of chemicals. Fume hoods are essential equipment in laboratories, but their design, maintenance, and technology can have dramatic energy implications since the air that is exhausted from the system must be replaced by newly conditioned makeup air to the building. For example, at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the science center retrofitted fume hoods with automated controls to reduce airflow volumes through the hood during periods when they were not in use or when the hood's sash (door) was pulled down. At Tufts, a student project demonstrated that in some cases energy savings accrue with low-volume, constant-volume hoods.

Cosmetic firms and animal testing

Animal testing (on invertebrates, rabbits, primates) is a commonly used practice in several industries (for example cosmetics, pharmaceuticals). The practice is considered incompatible with animal rights by many environmentalists. Several environmental organizations provide lists of companies using animal testing in order to encourage consumer boycotts.

Rainwater Reclamation Reuse

One of my favorite green building technologies is rainwater harvesting the capture, treatment and use of rainwater for uses inside the building such as toilet flushing and cooling-tower makeup water (to replace water lost by evaporation and back-flushing). This is such a simple and obvious thing to do in much of the country that one wonders why it has taken so long to be considered. In addition to water conservation, rainwater harvesting can help reduce stormwater runoff from building sites.


Attention to Makeup Air Because hoods exhaust so much air, a large volume of additional air must be brought in to replace it. This is called makeup air. One strategy is to use outside air that is directly pumped into the fume hood this reduces the amount of air that needs to be conditioned. Another example is to make sure that controls are linked to the makeup air system. Some strategies can provide significant increases in efficiency, but depending on the college's climate, may cause discomfort for the hood user because the air is unconditioned (neither heated nor cooled).10 Heat Exchangers Heat exchangers capture the heat that escapes through the fume hood and use it in the building systems to increase the efficiency of HVAC operations. If some of the heat that is exhausted by hoods on a cold day is captured in a heat exchanger, it can be used in the makeup air to reduce the amount of heating the makeup air requires.

How Climate Works

This chapter describes the factors that are important in shaping global or regional climate. The Earth's climate is influenced by its distance from the Sun and the composition of the atmosphere, the layer of gases that surrounds the Earth. On a local level, climate is controlled by a particular region's latitude (the distance north or south of the equator as measured in degrees), altitude (the height above or below mean sea level), wind patterns, proximity to an ocean, and the makeup of its surface. The water cycle and carbon cycle are both important to understanding Earth's climate.

The power of TPAs

The cosmetics chain, the Body Shop, is closely allied with the green groups and became deeply involved in the attack on Shell over its policies in Nigeria. In fact, the Body Shop won a PR award for this and - by association - Greenpeace nearly won one too, much to its embarrassment. After all, Greenpeace always protests loudly that it is not in the PR business. In fact, of Greenpeace's total budget of 100 million, almost all is devoted to PR - even though it may be called campaigning, it's the same thing. The Shell campaign on Brent Spar cost some 2 million and used

Cultural Ecology

While revolutionary in his emphasis on human-environment interactions, Steward seemed to have slighted several environmental phenomena that could well affect the cultural development of human groups. For instance, he had little to say regarding the influences of demographic makeup, epidemiology, competition with other groups in a given area, or human


The executive branch of the US government certainly plays principally at two levels at the international 'board' and at the 'board' of domestic politics (including the politics of ratification in the Senate). But the effective constitutional makeup of different parties varies according to both formal and informal constitutional requirements and also to matters related to a state's location in international politics. Australia, for example, is only a medium power, and its overriding interest lies in the existence of a rules-based international system, so it takes international agreements seriously, because it wants others (especially hegemons) to do the same. It must (since the conclusion of the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment in 1992) refer new treaties to the states prior to ratification, because new MEAs alter the relative competences of state and federal governments. Canada faces even more stringent requirements, with the support of the provinces required before...

Soil And Vegetation

Topsoil can be blown away by the wind or washed away by rainfall. However it happens, the soil's physical structure and biochemical makeup are changed. Cracks develop and nutrients are lost. If the water table rises from poor drainage and irrigation methods, the soil gets saturated and salts increase. When soil is stomped down by cattle, it's much harder for plants to grow in the compressed soil. This increases erosion.

Plug Loads

Plug loads involve the electricity used by equipment installed and operated by building occupants. In a typical campus room, students have a storehouse of electrical appliances and devices, including desk lamps, electric razors, and lighted makeup mirrors. According to a March 2003 survey by Miami University, the average freshman takes eighteen appliances to campus.12 Table 10.2 shows some of these devices along with the amount of electricity they require. We mentioned plug loads earlier because on our campus, the growth in plug loads is outstripping our efforts to conserve electricity from other sources such as lighting. Here we talk about plug loads in the context of personal action.

Tools to Study SOM

No single, satisfactory method yet exists to separate soil C into components with different turnover times. Instead, the dynamic makeup of soil C is deduced using many constraints, including physical and chemical fractionation of organic matter, field and laboratory decomposition studies, measures of C fluxes into and out of the soil, measurements of 14C in soils sampled at various times before and after the peak of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, changes in the 13C content of SOM after a vegetation change from plants with C3 to C4 photosynthetic pathway, and measurements of changes in the total amount of C in soils of different age or after disturbance. Each of these tools is suitable for determining different time scales of soil C dynamics, and much confusion may result from mixing of terms related to turnover times (active, intermediate, or passive) with those derived from measured soil parameters. For example, the increase in bomb 14C, or changes in 13C in SOM during the...

Dining Facilities

Kitchens and dining facilities are more energy intensive than offices. Like laboratories, kitchens require extensive exhaust systems for the health and comfort of occupants, and conditioning the makeup air is energy intensive. Careful attention to exhaust systems, hours of operation of exhaust, and all cooking equipment can yield savings. In addition, com-monsense practices in kitchen design, construction, and operations include locating heat-producing equipment far from refrigeration units, turning off equipment when not in use, and purchasing the most efficient equipment possible. Gas-fired equipment is generally more efficient with lower climate-altering gas emissions per Btu than electric equipment. Heat recovery is often difficult from kitchen exhaust due to grease in the air, but where possible, cleaner exhaust streams may provide that opportunity.

And Erosion

Soils erode even more easily when soil grain size decreases. Fine organic particles, silt, and clay are crucial to soil makeup. They contain most of the nitrogen, potash, and phosphoric acid required for life or plant growth. Many forms of life depend on the earth and soil for food, minerals, and habitat. When topsoil is eroded, it takes a very long time to get it back. Some species are lost before this happens.

International Policy

Currently, nuclear and hydroelectric power are the main nonfossil fuel additions to the energy makeup of IEA countries. Since nuclear energy doesn't give off carbon dioxide, several IEA member countries plan to develop nuclear power at even higher safety standards than currently used. Renewable sources will also have an increasingly important contribution to make.

Shades of Gray

The knee-jerk reaction of some of those in the environmental community is that pure electrics are great (and even greater if they run only on wind- or solar-generated power) hybrids are very good natural gas vehicles are pretty good Flex Fuel (ethanol) vehicles are a sham diesels are an air-quality disaster and displacement on demand vehicles are gas-guzzlers in light makeup.

Chemical Companies

The makers of plastics, cosmetics, and other consumer products have a lot to worry about. Their main raw material, petroleum, is becoming more costly, while several major product lines are presenting increasingly visible health issues. Europe has banned many widely used industrial chemicals, while the United States still permits them. This presents a legal risk for the chemical companies If it can be proven that certain industrial chemicals cause harm and that viable products are being sold in Europe without those chemicals, then U.S. chemical companies can ' t argue that they have no alternative but to use the harmful substances. The possible result is a trial lawyer's dream and a CEO's nightmare (see Table 21.7).

The Illustrations

Production Richard Sasso, Vice President, Production William Sherman, Production Manager Managers Carol Albert, Print Production Janet Cermak, Quality Control Tanya DeSilva, Prepress Carol Hansen, Composition Madelyn Keyes, Systems Eric Marquard, Special Projects Leo J. Petruzzi, Manufacturing & Makeup Ad Traffic Carl Cherebin

Water Conservation

We can eliminate the use of water for flushing urinals entirely, by using water-free urinals. We can reuse graywater (wastewater from sinks and showers, for example) for flushing toilets, and we can use onsite wastewater treatment in buildings to provide recycled water for such uses as toilet flushing and cooling tower makeup water. We can use both gray-water and municipally treated wastewater for landscape irrigation, as well as reducing water demand through xeriscaping strategies. The economics of water pricing in urban areas favors looking at the full system costs, including meter charges and connection fees. Reclaiming all the rainwater from a site, so that no storm-sewer connection is needed, can often result in savings that are greater than the cost of rainwater catchment and treatment. The same holds for onsite sewage treatment, particularly if the treated wastewater can be used for toilet flushing, cooling-tower makeup water and irrigation without ever leaving the project...

Living In A Material

These days, of course, the scale and complexity of our material interactions are vastly increased over those of earlier societies, and over those of other biological organisms. The material requirements of 'advanced' industrial societies extend far beyond the survival needs of food, warmth and shelter. There are now growing demands for a wide range of material goods from aerosols to aeroplanes, cosmetics to computers, and vinyls to videos. Materials purified in the primary sector are destined for the manufacturing industries, where materials are transformed into finished products. These industries are sometimes called the secondary sector of the economy. They include the textiles industries, the food-processing industries, the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, the automotive industry, and the electronics industry.