Cooling Due to Uplift

Different kinds of cloud are generated by the cooling caused by uplift, according to the cause of the rising (Section 7.1): (a) hills, (b) low-level cold currents, (c) large-scale uplift, (d) convection, or (e) a convergence of winds. Convective uplift is the most rapid, generating cumuliform (or convective) cloud, which is vertical and cauliflower-like (Section 8.6). In the other cases, slow uplift leads to stratiform cloud (Table 8.1), which is shallow and spread out (Section 8.5). However, any kind of uplift destabilizes the atmosphere (Section 7.4), especially in the presence of potential instability, and may eventually result in convection. This explains why thunderstorms are more common near mountains.

Let us now consider the different kinds of cloud, according to the manner of uplift.

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