Interdecadal atmospheric anomalies in East Asia

A number of previous studies described the relationship between the PDO and the climate anomalies in North Pacific and North America. However, the impact of the PDO on atmospheric circulation anomalies in East Asia has not been well realized. To address this question, the interde-cadal anomalies for some selected atmospheric variables, such as sea level pressure (SLP), geopotential height, temperature and wind, over the East Asia and Pacific sector, are regressed upon the PDO index. An ^-test is made for the regression to verify statistical significance. Although the pattern of SST anomalies associated with the PDO is observed year-round (see Fig. 3.1), the atmospheric response in the extratropics is known to vary from season to season (Zhang et al. 1997). Therefore, the climate anomalies in East Asia associated with the PDO will be discussed for winter (DJF) and summer (JJA), respectively.

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