Historical documents

Documentary data is one of the main proxy data in examining climate change in historical time. China has a long history and a plenty of historical document records. The historical documents most distributed in the eastern China, which including direct climate records about droughts, floods, rainfall, snow, freezing, frost, wind and fall dust. And also some of indirect records on climate are available, such as crop production, famine, population, insect diseases etc. Chinese historiographers and climatolo-gists have done a lot work on the historical climate reconstruction for the last several thousand years, and set up the time series of climate changes in different regions. (Zhang Deer, 1981, 1997, Zhang Piyuan, 1996, Wang Shaowu, 1998b, Zheng Jingyun, 1993, Wu Xiangding et al., 1981). Zhu Kezhen is the first Chinese scientist who studied climate change during the last 5000 years in China. He confirmed the warm and wet period in the middle Holocene, and three cold periods within the Little Ice Age were identified too (Zhu, 1972). In the middle of the 1970s, Chinese scientists started a project to study the droughts and floods for the last 500 years and published the "Droughts/floods maps for the last 500 years in China" in 1981 (CMI, 1981). After that time the series of records of droughts and floods extended to over a 1000 years (Zhang et al., 1997).

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