Stockholm Environment Institute

Stockholm, Sweden


Many people have contributed generously to this book. The work has been greatly enhanced by their efforts and we wish to express our deep appreciation for their help. Gordon T. Goodman, Chairman of the Board of the Stockholm Environment Institute, gave the incisive and compassionate vision which framed the foundation of this assessment. Mike Chadwick and Lars Kristoferson, the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute respectively, gave strength and direction to our pursuit of that vision. Bert Bolin, Roald Sagdeev, Sir Crispin Tickell, Shridath Ramphal, Robert Frosch, R.K. Pachauri, Patricia Close, Lourival do Carmo Monaco and Ali Mazrui helped us to structure the vision and to focus our attention on the "big picture." Gerald Leach, Georgii Golitsyn, Paul Crutzen, David Hall, Roberto Sanson Mizrahi, Hans Oeschger, Konrad von Moltke, M&ns Lonnroth, Ophelia Mascarenhas, Gilbert White, Roger Rainbow, Erik Belfrage and Alvaro Umana acted as a planning and review committee for this effort. They provided constructive comments on the plans for the project and critical reviews that challenged and focused our efforts. John Holdren, Anne and Paul Ehrlich, Roger Revelle and Alan Miller offered intellectual guidance and encouragement that helped us navigate the mists of scientific uncertainty, political turmoil and human fallibility. More than fifty reviewers provided constructive criticism and creative feedback on the early drafts of the chapters of this book. Their names appear on the following pages.

We are especially indebted to those at SEI in Stockholm who aided us in the practical tasks of producing a book involving forty-four coauthors on four continents working in ten time zones. Without their dedicated, continuing and professional efforts, our task could not have been completed. Absolutely critical to our success have been the countless hours spent by our Production Editors, Arno Rosemarin and Heli Pohjolainen who were responsible for the book's layout, graphics, final editing and typesetting. We also thank Solveig Nilsson for her extra efforts keying in changes from the corrected and reedited pageproofs and Krister Svard, the Institute's librarian for backup throughout this project.

Among those working with us in the United States, we would like to take special note of the critically important contributions to this book made by several people. Patricia Feuerstein examined the web of ideas that spans these chapters and created an index that will guide each reader to the issues and concepts he or she wishes to explore in depth. Shawn Armstrong, David Blaivos, Gwen Anderson, Paul Carroll, Janis Dutton, Donna Kapsides, Anuriti Sud, Judy Webb and Vince Schaper helped us to organize and implement the tasks we faced in ways too numerous to mention. And we are, of course, unrelentingly grateful for the wealth of advice on production problems that was provided to us by Marilyn Powell in our periodic moments of extreme need. All our efforts would have been of little import without the help and dedication of our coauthors. But even these would have come to little except for the tireless, resolute and good humored efforts of their spouses, staff and assistants, who took our phone calls at inconvenient hours, unscrambled the confusing messages and tracked down our colleagues across oceans and continents to answer "just one more question" before we could put the book to bed.

With all this help, our task was eased and simplified. Despite the help, some errors may remain within these pages. The responsibility for all of these is solely ours.

Irving M. Mintzer

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