Cellular glass

Manufactured from natural materials and over 40 per cent recycled glass. It is impervious to water vapour and is waterproof, dimensionally stable, non-combustible, vermin-proof and has high compressive strength as well as being CFC and HCFC free.

Lambda value 0.037-0.047 depending on particular application. Typical proprietary brand: Foamglas by Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Ltd.


Vermiculite is the name given to a group of geological materials that resemble mica. When subject to high temperature the flakes of vermiculite expand due to their water content to many times their original size to become 'exfoliated vermiculite'. It has a high insulation value, is resistant to decay, odourless, and non-irritant.

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

Do we really want the one thing that gives us its resources unconditionally to suffer even more than it is suffering now? Nature, is a part of our being from the earliest human days. We respect Nature and it gives us its bounty, but in the recent past greedy money hungry corporations have made us all so destructive, so wasteful.

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