• There is a significant improvement in comfort levels throughout the whole house.

• The walls of the building are protected from weathering, ensuring a longer life.

• There should be absolute protection from penetration by damp.

• The incidence of condensation is reduced to near zero.

• It allows the fabric of the home to act as a heat store - a warmth accumulator.

• It stabilises the structure, preventing cracking due to differential thermal expansion.

• Space heating bills can be reduced by up to 50 per cent.

• The increase in property value as a result of the upgrading usually more than offsets the cost.

• There is normally a significant improvement in appearance.

• The operation can be undertaken without the need to vacate the property.

• There is a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Government estimates suggest that, over the lifetime of the building, one tonne of CO2 is saved for every square metre of 50 mm thick insulation.

An example of an individual house application of external cladding is Baggy House in the UK which illustrates the 'Dryvit' system called 'Outsulation' (Figure 10.2).

Where there are overriding reasons for not wishing to overclad with insulation, as, for example, in the case of eighteenth to nineteenth century terraced housing, the alternative is to fix insulation to the inside face of external walls - 'dry lining'. The dilemma is that this reduces internal space. To bring a 140 mm solid external wall near to the current

Figure 10.2

Baggy House, Devon

Buildings Regulations standard would require at least 90 mm of insulation with a plasterboard finish. A suitable insulant is cellular glass fixed to the wall mechanically. The finish is either plasterboard with a skim coat of plaster or plaster applied to metal lathing. There are consequences to using this system, such as the relocation of skirtings and electrical sockets and the reduced size of door and window openings. There is also the risk of cold bridging if the insulation is not continued around the reveals to openings. This could involve the replacement of external doors and windows. However, this is one instance where the best can be the enemy of the good and compromise is reasonable.

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