Research discussed in this chapter was supported by the National Wildlife Federation, NASA Earth Systems Science Fellowship (grant # NGT 30339), an NSF graduate student fellowship (RTG grant # BIR94-13141 and GRT grant # GER 93-54870), and grants from the Lerner-Gray Fund for Marine Research and the Myers' Oceanographic and Marine Biology Trust. I thank my coin-vestigators Sarah Gilman, Jim Barry, and Chuck Baxter for allowing me to use some of our data in this analysis. Judy Thompson, Freya

Sommer, and Joe Wible of the Hopkins Marine Station provided excellent administrative and research support. This manuscript was greatly improved by thoughtful reviews from Steve Gaines, Jane Lubchenco, Terry Root, Eric Sanford, George Somero, and Erika Zavaleta. Stephen Schneider has provided excellent advice and guidance as part of the National Wildlife Federation's Climate Change Fellowship program.

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