I am enormously grateful for the unconditional support from my adviser David Inouye, who has dealt with me so patiently and whose previous investigations inspire my work. This work was enriched by conversations with Peter Abrams, Allison Brody, Larry Douglass, Jay Evans, and Rick Williams. I am especially thankful to Mary Price and Nick Waser for sharing ideas and the joy of doing science. Thanks also to several Earthwatch volunteers, Tim Brown, Betsy Heartfield, and Jennifer Reithel for helping me in the field. I am very thankful to Jen Dunne and her collaborators for letting me use the snow removal experiment: John Harte, Kevin Taylor, and others. Thanks to the University of Maryland and the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory and staff for helping me to realize this project. Special thanks to billy barr, Kevin Donovan, Sonda Eastlack, and Gary Entsminger. Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation Climate Change Fellowship, NSF grants (DEB-94-08382 and IBN-98-14509) to David Inouye, NSF grant (DEB- 96-28819) to John Harte, and Earthwatch for their financial support.

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