Labeling and Recordkeeping

As irradiation is defined as an additive, all irradiated food must be labeled in conformity with FDA and USDA regulations. Both agencies require that irradiated foods be labeled with the international food irradiation symbol, the Radura: a stylized flower, shown in Figure 4.2. In addition, the label must state that the product has been intentionally irradiated. The Department of Agriculture -s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) also requires that meat and poultry ingredients in multiingredient meat and poultry products be iden-

Figure 4.2. The Radura, an internationally accepted symbol required on all packages and containers of irradiated food. (Source: USDA.)

tified on the ingredient list. And food processors are permitted to add information explaining why irradiation is used. Their products can state, "treated with radiation to inhibit spoilage," or "treated with irradiation instead of chemicals to control insect infestation." And recordkeeping is essential. The FDA and USDA require processors to maintain accurate records that verify when irradiation occurred and the level received.

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