Jay Inslee would like to send his thanks and acknowledgments to the talented and delightful Trudi Inslee for her wisdom, editing, and serenity in the eye of the storm; to Al and Tipper Gore for dedicating themselves to this generation's greatest challenge; to K. C. Golden, Patrick Mazza, and Blair Henry, comrades in arms whose ten years of toil is now paying off; to Todd Baldwin, whose patience and discipline guided a collection of ideas into a book; to Robin Simmons and Eric Lieu, whose ideas helped navigate the world of books; to Denis Hayes, whose Earth Day started the whole environmental shebang and set me off on a congressional mission for clean energy; to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who both led the visionary efforts in Portland, Oregon, and helped us find the folks who could tell the tale; to Fred Horning for his grasp of entrepreneurship in the utility industry; to the comedy team of Jack, Megan, Connor, and Joe, whose wit kept my feet on the ground; to President Bill Clinton for his leadership and for a great foreword and to Jan Hartke for all his help; to Tom Campion for all his work and assistance; to my friend and colleague Bracken Hendricks, whose sense of optimism launched this book and whose diligence and masterful policy acumen saw it through to completion; to my friends, neighbors, colleagues, Hoopaholics, Team Brian, passersby, and other victims whose innumerable insights, advice, and gentle yet harpooning criticisms kept the project on track; and to You, whom we hope will take something from these pages and spread a new energy future round the world.

Bracken Hendricks would like to extend his grateful acknowledgments to Alice, Galen, and Clea for supporting the writing of the book in innumerable ways; to Chuck Savitt and Todd Baldwin for helping bring this idea to reality; to Leo Gerard and the United Steel Workers and Carl Pope and the Sierra Club, without whose early embrace the Apollo Alliance would have remained only a good idea; to all those who took a risk on the idea that clean energy could mean good jobs, especially the leaders of the AFL-CIO, John Sweeney, Rich Trumka, Brad Burton, Bob Baugh, and Gerry Shea, and Cecil Roberts and Bill Banig of the United Mine Workers of America; to the cofounders of the Apollo Alliance; to Dan Carol, who recognized the need for an Apollo book and without whose suggestions and encouragement I would never have ventured to write this volume and without whose partnership and vision the Apollo Alliance would not have been born; to Bob Borosage and the Institute for America's Future, who gave Apollo not only a sharp focus on national policy, but also a home, care and feeding, and the support it needed to grow; to Joel Rogers and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, who brought to bear a keen intelligence on regional issues and high-road metropolitan development that grounded Apollo in building strong communities; to Michael Shellenberger, Adam Werbach, and Ted Nordhaus, who from the beginning dug deep into understanding the construction of message and deeply held values, and who have been a resource in rethinking both policy and politics; to all those who have funded the Apollo Alliance, especially Lance Lind-blom and Peter Teague of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, who have been among its strongest supporters, and Hal Harvey of the Hewlett Foundation and Tim Wirth and Reid Detchon of the United Nations Better World Fund, who were among its first; to my colleagues at the Center for American Progress, John Podesta for supporting bold experiments, Melody Barnes, Ana Unruh Cohen for her insights and clear thinking, and Benjamin Goldstein and Kari Manlove for their hard work and dedication as we researched and revised these chapters;

special thanks to the Wallace Global Fund, Melissa Dann, and the Wallace Family for their support; to members of the National Steering Committee of the Apollo Alliance, Ruben Aronin, Andrew Beebe, Bruce Hamilton, Bill Holmberg, Van Jones, Mindy Lubber, Mark Ritchie, and Marco Trbovich, who have generously given their time, energy, and creativity to this work; to the team at Apollo today; to Jerome Ringo, a visionary leader; to Jeff Rickert and Brian Siu, who built something out of nothing; to Dan Seligman, Carla Din, Jeremy Hays, Bill Holland, Joanne Derwin, Richard Eidlin, and Rich Feldman, who spin careful policy and build the coalitions to turn it into action; to Ragini Kapadia and Skye Perryman, who have held it all together; special thanks to the Wallace Global Fund, Melissa Dann, and the Wallace Family for their support; to Jay and Trudi for being such good partners and so much fun to work with; to my dearest friends and family Matt Lindemulder, Suchi Swift, Geoff Nazarro, Tyche Hendricks, Paul Muniz, Bob and Joan Welsh, Aurora Hendricks and Morgan Grundy, and Patricia Barrett, who took the kids on long walks while Dad stayed home to write; and to my parents, Geoff and Nye, whose love has made all the difference.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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