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Renowned Health Specialist experienced in working with numerous people with liver disorders share with you and: Explains how the liver works and how liver disorders develop in Simple English without Medical Jargon. Shares the facts about cirrhosis of the liver. Explains complications and treatments in simple language. Talks about Nutrition in Liver Disease. Explains Alternative Treatments available. Talks about the latest research developments in liver disease treatment. Shares resources for Liver disease forums and help-lines. Gives you the true in-depth stories from survivors and how they coped with the challenges of liver disorder. Shares touching stories of family members who had to cope with their loved ones suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, and the strategies they used to cope with them. With Liver Disease Survivors Guide, you will discover : Credible information on Liver disease obtained from detailed interviews with specialist doctors, explained in simple language. Healthy steps in dealing with liver disorders. What to do and what not to do while learning to adapt to the liver disorder. Remarkable stories in patients own words. It gives you a real emotional experience of a person with serious liver disorder and how they view the world. Latest research on liver disorders. Best resources and direct links to forums. Direct links to get professional help and identify the best experts in your area. Alternative treatments and therapies available for liver disorders. No medical jargon or difficult language, the book is written in simple and easy to understand language.

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Highly Recommended

The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol

The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol is a 183 page downloadable eBook, that is jam packed cover to cover with all the answers that you'll ever need about this thing that torments you. Learn the dramatic truth about the Extracellular Matrix in liver cirrhosis sufferers and how going public with this breakthrough ruined the life of one doctor. A substance that's in your kitchen right now lowers the risk of cirrhosis by a shocking 80%. It is literally unbelievable that this information confirmed in 6 large scale double blind studies is not made available to the sufferers. Who and why prevented the information being widely available. I was so mad when I learned this. What shocking discovery about liver cirrhosis triggers has been made in a double blind study in Russia. What shocking discovery about liver cirrhosis triggers has been made in a double blind study in Russia. Malfunction of one small organ in our abdomen (not the liver) is where so many answers lay. Find out which organ and how to amend the damage within weeks. Learn about the one deadly mistake that over 90% liver cirrhosis sufferers makes every day. This mistake alone can rob them of their healing. How an American doctor stirred the water by saving the lives of hepatitis patients with such heavy liver damage that the other doctors practically pronounced dead. The maverick doctor has been curing terminal liver damage using a simple, cheap natural acid. The same acid is one of the corner stones of the Ezra protocol. A problem in the lymphatic sacks of the liver cirrhosis sufferer causes a congestion and can leave you with 30 billion dead cells trapped in your body every day. There is only one substance known to man that can dissolve this clutter. Find out which today and put it to use. Why every attempt to reverse liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and loose weight fails miserably every time. The truth will shock you. The answers lay in your liver and your adrenal gland. It was a common belief that reversing failing cirrhotic liver cells is practically impossible until a study at the University of Londons School of Pharmacy changed everything. Every liver cirrhosis sufferer is in grave danger of extremely active Reactive Oxygen Species. How to shift the process within 36 hours. The dishes you cook prevent you from resolving your health issues. If you fail to learn this, you will continue with the deadly practices forever. The most deadly man made chemical is lurking from your supermarket shelves and literally scavenging your liver. Learn the truth that has been kept from you. precise practical rules to avoid the terrible chemical mentioned above. 4 personal care products make it impossible to shift the chemical imbalances in your body. Once you get rid of these offenders, your body's self healing ability will skyrocket. You'll feel it right away. I promise. More here...

The Liver Cirrhosis Bible & Ezra Protocol Summary

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Author: Debra Elkin
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The Liver Cirrhosis Freedom Cookbook

Without these information you almost no chance of planning a comprehensive dietary strategy without spending months on it. This is how The Liver Cirrhosis Freedom Cookbook will change your life: You will never eat a meal that aggravates your liver condition again. And you very likely did it today. You will gently soothe your endocrine system and shift the ravaging chemical imbalance that is eating away your organs. Boost the secretion of self-healing chemicals that will repair your organs before it's too late. Enjoy delicious meals while knowing every second that you are healing your body with every bite. You won't have to think about where to start in your healing, you will have all the work done for you. When you wake up in the morning you'll feel light and positive, knowing that healing chemicals in your body are doing their work every second. You won't have to spend endless hours in front of your computer or buy nutrition books to know what is completely safe for you. Never again buy another book about diet and health, because you have it all right here and written just for your condition, not general and vague, but laser precise and understandable. Start your healing today, without any procrastination. Once again, feel that health and energy you so desperately pursu More here...

The Liver Cirrhosis Freedom Cookbook Summary

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The Fishtransmitted Liver Flukes

Heterophyes Heterophyes Epidemiology

Clinical features The adult fluke lives in the branches of the bile duct resulting in trauma and inflammation. Dilation of the biliary system causes a distortion of the liver architecture, which can lead to biliary stasis, hepatic engorgement, fatty infiltration and finally cirrhosis. O. sinensis is a risk factor for cholangiocarcinoma. Migration of the flukes up the pancreatic duct can damage the pancreas leading to recurrent pancreatitis.

Vaccine schedules

Hepatitis B leads to chronic liver disease, especially cirrhosis, which is a predisposing cause of primary liver cell cancer. The prevalence of hepatitis B is as high as 8 in many parts of the world, but if the vaccine is administered before infection, the disease and carrier state are prevented. WHO recommends that hepatitis B vaccine be included in the routine childhood vaccination schedule. It is most conveniently administered in three doses at the same time as DTP, but in countries with a high carrier state, an additional dose at birth is recommended. This will probably only be necessary for a comparatively short period of time because once hepatitis B vaccine becomes widely used, the carrier state will rapidly decline. In developed countries where the incidence is much lower, the vaccine is given in adolescence or to those at risk, but will probably be incorporated into the routine vaccination programme at some stage.

Hepatitis Delta HDV

Normally a self-limiting infection with only about 5 continuing into the chronic form of HDV. However, with superinfection (HDV infection of an already HBV-infected person), there is a severe acute hepatitis with 80 continuing to chronic active hepatitis, often progressing to cirrhosis. Hepatocellular carcinoma due to HDV occurs with about the same frequency as with HBV. The mortality due to HDV is between 2 and 20 making it some ten times greater than for HBV alone.

Hepatitis C HCV

Clinical features Similar in many respects to hepatitis B, HCV produces a milder disease, but as many as 10-20 will progress to cirrhosis and 1 to liver cancer in later life. Occurrence and distribution Infection is found worldwide in the general population in developing countries and mainly in drug users sharing equipment in developed countries. However, there are probably many more cases than present figures suggest and WHO estimates that there are 200 million people infected, which amounts to 3 of the world's population. This means that there are about 170 million chronic carriers who could go on to develop cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Liver Disease

Liver disease is in the twelfth position, accounting for some 27,000 annual deaths. Cirrhosis, the primary liver disease, appears to be the end stage of several common causes of liver injury. Cirrhosis (Greek, meaning orange -colored) results in nonfunctioning destroyed liver tissue that can and often does surround areas of viable healthy tissue. Until the cirrhotic condition is well advanced, many people remain a symptomatic, not knowing that they have it. The most common risk factor is alcohol abuse. Among the 45-65-age group cirrhosis is now the sixth leading cause of death 13 -

Hepatitis B HBV

After an insidious onset with anorexia, nausea and abdominal discomfort, jaundice then develops, from which the patient either recovers or goes on to develop chronic active disease. Low-grade infection continues with periods of jaundice alternating with remissions, but invariably cirrhosis develops. The disease is more serious in those over 40 years of age, in pregnant women and newborn infants. Hepatocellu-lar carcinoma is associated with chronic hepatitis B infection.