Scientific American

Volume 295 Number 3


8 SA Perspectives

Cooling our heels.

10 How to Contact Us

10 On the Web

12 Letters

16 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

18 News Scan

■ Ten years later: identifying victims in the former Yugoslavia.

■ Superconducting wires step toward commercialization.

■ New drug factories: chickens and goats.

■ Turbine engine for faster missiles.

■ Surprise: a net warming from contrails.

■ Mentally controlling robots with MRI.

■ By the Numbers: Illiteracy.

■ Data Points: C-sections on the rise.

Forum: Tom Leighton

The Net's real security problem.

Working Knowledge

A tall task for water towers.


The Trouble with Physics and Not Even Wrong argue that it is time for string theory to give way.



Economists have a shoot-out over the meaning of "replicate."

42 Sustainable Developments

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