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Pearl Street Where It All Started

Our tour starts here because most accounts of the industry's history start at the world's first centralized electricity generation station located on Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan and built by Thomas Edison in 1882. I consider Edison a boyhood hero, up there with major league baseball players from the 1960s. I named my company after his first generating station. But guess what Edison got it all wrong. He pursued the type of electricity based on direct current (DC), which did not become the dominant design for our production and delivery system. Later, in Chapter 17, which includes a new concept called distributed generation, I explain why he could be vindicated in the end.

Positive Steps You Can Make

Pollutants are the by-product of the lifestyle people in the developed world take for granted. Pollutants are generated when we power up our computers, cook our meals, or drive to a baseball game they are also generated by the manufacture of products such as computers and cars. Reducing the pollutants we manufacture is as easy as reducing the amount of energy we use and the number of products we consume. While these strategies require some thought and perhaps sacrifice, they can yield important returns.

Of Terrorism And Climate Change

When I was a child, and facing some difficult situation, my mother would often ask, What's the worst that could happen This was an extremely comforting question. True, the worst was bad, but it wasn't all that bad. I might miss a few days ofschool from a nasty cold. My Little League baseball team might lose a game or I might strike out every time I went to bat. I might flunk a math quiz. A friend might decide he didn't really like me.

Large public facilities transportation and sports

Sustainable Sports Buildings

Large public facilities such as stadiums and airports are beginning to look at sustainable design as part of the public process for gaining approvals for these very large, multi-year projects. For example, the Washington Nationals new 600 million baseball stadium in the District of Columbia is expected to be a LEED-certified project when it opens in 2008. In Minneapolis, developers of a new stadium for the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Twins propose to achieve LEED certification for the project when it opens in the fall of 2008.30 In 2007, SmithGroup published a design for a sustainable arena of the future, shown in Figure 6.7, powered by renewable energy, using concrete-duct cooled air for comfort, collecting rainwater for all toilet flushing and nonpotable uses, and accessible without the use of a car. This type of sustainable project marketing will become increasingly used to feed the media interest in all things green.31

Atmospheric Circulation

Throwing Ball From Equator

The Coriolis effect appears to influence freely moving objects such as baseballs, water, and air molecules. It is not a force itself, but an effect of the Earth's rotation. The following example makes the Coriolis effect easier to understand. Imagine a baseball game being played on an unmov-ing turntable. The pitcher standing at the turntable's center throws a ball to a teammate who is standing on the turntable's edge in the 12 o'clock position. The ball flies straight and enters

Bird Extinctions Baltimore Without Orioles

Some neighboring tree (Pianin, 2002, A-3). The bird, a Maryland icon whose name was adopted by Baltimore's major-league baseball team, was officially designated the state bird in 1947. Local legend maintains that George Calvert, the first baron of Baltimore, liked the oriole's bright-orange plumage so much that he adopted its colors for his coat of arms.

Civilian Conservation Corps

The baseball game between Alma and Sacramento on 5 July 1880 was termed the first ever considerable game of baseball in South Park by the Fairplay Flume (Barth, 1997 205). A footrace was held between cowboys and railroaders in 1883, and in 1893 there were pony races, a 0.4-km horse race, and an 0.8-km trotting race (Barth, 1997). Today Fairplay still remembers the partnership of the miners and their burros with its annual World Championship Burro Race over Mosquito Pass (Nutt, 1983).

Alternative Fuels and Technologies

The electric tractor has great promise for lawn mowing in a campus setting. Tufts has purchased one on a pilot basis, and initial feedback is positive. Electric mowers have the benefit of decreasing on-campus noise as well as emissions. At Tufts, our Electric OxTM is used on the lower end of campus, coincidentally for mowing the organic-turf baseball field. At one point the grounds manager suggested that we install PV panels to offset the power for the mower to complete the picture

Major League Baseban Bats May Be Victims of Warming

The ash tree, traditional source of major-league baseball bats, is being killed by a beetle species, the emerald ash borer, which may be encouraged by warming temperatures. Owners of bat factories in the ash country of Northwestern Pennsylvania have made emergency plans they will call upon if the white ash tree, source of the best wood, is, as the plan says, compromised. Seeds of the same tree are being collected in Michigan in case natural species are endangered. Asian wasps were imported and set loose in ash forests during 2007 to attack the shiny-green emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire), itself an Asian immigrant, which has killed upwards of 25 million ash trees in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland after it was first found near Detroit in 2002 (Davey, 2007). By late-June 2007, the ash borer was invading the choice baseball bat ash groves in Pennsylvania, near the border with New York State. Warming temperatures may be partially to blame for the ash...

Innovative Energy Strategies forC Stabilization

Watts is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tulane University in Louisiana. His current research interests are in climate modeling, the socio-economic and political aspects of energy policy, and the physics of sea ice. His publications on these and other topics have appeared in Climate Change, Journal of Geophysical Research and Nature as well as the mechanical engineering literature. Professor Watts is the author of Keep Your Eye on the Ball Curveballs, Knuckleballs, and Fallacies of Baseball (with A. Terry Bahill W. H. Freeman publishers, 1991, 2000) and is editor of Engineering Response to Global Climate Change (Lewis Publishers, 1997). He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and has been an ASME Distinguished Lecturer. Recently, he gave the prestigious George Hawkins Memorial Lecture at Purdue University.

Tell me about the future I plead

Farmer contends you have a model in your head of how baseballs fly. You could predict the trajectory of a high-fly using Newton's classic equation of f ma, but your brain doesn't stock up on elementary physics equations. Rather, it builds a model directly from experiential data. A baseball player watches a thousand baseballs come off a bat, and a thousand times lifts his gloved hand, and a thousand times adjusts his guess with his mitt. Without knowing how, his brain gradually compiles a model of where the ball lands-a model almost as good as f ma, but not as generalized. It's based entirely on a series of hand-eye data from past catches. In the field of logic such a process is known as induction, in contradistinction to the deduction process that leads to f ma. An outfielder's empirically based theory of missiles is reminiscent of the latter stages of Ptolemic epicyclic models. If we parsed an outfielder's theory we would find it to be incoherent, ad-hoc, convoluted, and approximate....

Smart and Fair

In 2000, business and civic leaders helped bring the fortieth Super Bowl to Detroit. While the big game is normally played in warm-weather cities because it takes place in February, Detroit's leaders promised the National Football League that the enclosed Ford Field stadium would be ready by 2006. Hosting the Super Bowl was a big boost for the city it means 125,000 visitors, 3,000 journalists, and potentially 300 million in revenue. The Rolling Stones were scheduled to play at halftime. Not only that, but three years after the Super Bowl announcement, Major League Baseball agreed to play its All-Star Game in the summer of 2005 at newly minted Comerica Park, next door to Ford Field. High-fiving around the chamber of commerce conference table was beginning to be routine. The All-Star Game meant 30,000 visitors, 1,200 reporters, and up to 70 million in revenue. As a finishing touch, General Motors, which had recently moved into the Renaissance Center, a cluster of glass towers in the...

Effects of a

Most of the hail in a severe thunderstorm falls near the center of the cell. The size of the hail stones depends on the strength of the updrafts in the storm the more powerful the air currents, the more times a hail stone can be carried upward to acquire a new coating of ice. Hail stones are usually the size of peas or small cherries. Occasionally, golf ball-sized hail forms. In rare instances, hail stones become as large as baseballs or even grapefruit. Such large chunks of ice, falling from an altitude of several kilometers, can ruin farm crops, injure or kill livestock, and cause serious damage to property, particularly shingled roofs. The amount of hail that falls, and the size of the stones, varies greatly within a single storm. Baseball-sized hail might fall in one part of a town, while little or no hail is reported in other places. Hail can sometimes accumulate to a depth of several centimeters, and if high winds are present, drifting can occur.

Business Development

And if you're not shortlisted for desirable projects, it's like not getting up to the plate in baseball if you're not swinging, you can't get a hit. (I also like this baseball analogy if you hit one out of three times up, you're a cinch for the Hall of Fame if you're always on the three-name shortlist and get one of three, you should consider that a noteworthy accomplishment )

Paris in Texas

Renters are paying between 1,000 and 4,600 for studios, lofts, and three-bedroom apartments at Addison Circle. Iron gates leading to interior courtyards and swimming pools are unlocked by push-button pads out on the common coed softball is big, and there are running and walking clubs, tennis clubs, and cycling clubs. A Cares team is on call to help organize game-watching parties, pool parties, monthly happy hours, and holiday celebrations. All residents are encouraged to introduce themselves to the restaurant managers in the development so they can be on a first-name basis.


Fields, or agriculture may be able to reduce climate change impacts by modifying practices. Techniques that include changing the timing, amounts, and fertilizer type are among the possible solutions. As noted earlier, Tufts has established an organic-turf baseball field.

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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