Modal storm tracks with uniform friction

Now let us examine the model storm tracks. As a measure of the intensity of variability, we plot in Fig. 8 the distribution of the average kinetic energy of the equilibrated disturbance field in the control run using a = 0.03. There are two well-defined model storm tracks. The high degree of meridional symmetry of this statistical property about the central latitude of the domain is an indication that the integration is sufficiently long. The maximum intensities of the model Pacific and Atlantic storm tracks are 0.029 vs 0.032 respectively. A value of

Figure 9. Distribution of nondimensional average kinetic energy of the fluctuations in the experiment using a 0.015 in the oceanic sectors and a = 0.045 in the land sectors.

0.03 corresponds to a fluctuating wind speed of about 11 m/s. The storm track downstream of the stronger jet (model Pacific jet) is therefore weaker than the storm track downstream of the weaker jet (model Atlantic jet) by about 10%. This may be taken as evidence in support of the hypothesis concerning the role of seeding disturbances in determining the relative intensity of the two nonlinear storm tracks.

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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