The rise of the gasolinepowered cars

Despite the problems associated with batteries, early drivers preferred the electric cars because ICE-powered cars had an even bigger problem: Getting started.

Starting these early gasoline-powered cars required cranking a handle in the front of the car in order to start it. This was a fussy, often dangerous task because the engine could kick the crank handle backwards and break an arm. (This is similar to the motorcycles that require the driver to jump down on a starter lever in order to get the engine running. Who wants to do that?) In fact, many electric vehicle customers (women in particular) drove electric cars simply to avoid the starting process.

Then in 1912, Alfred Kettering introduced the first self-starting gasoline-powered vehicle, and the difficult task of starting an ICE was no longer in play. After the introduction of the self-starter, electric car sales plummeted and never recovered. Sales of electric cars essentially stopped, completely, and no manufacturers pursued them any longer.

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