The key problem with electric cars

Range. How far can an electric vehicle travel before it's time to recharge the batteries? That's the big question and the one whose answer doomed the original electric cars and has caused problems for other electric cars ever since.

For these early cars, the driving range was about 40 to 50 miles. To get more range with an electric car, you need more batteries, plain and simple, and that adds more weight, which in turn impacts how far the car can go on a charge. Because the first batteries weren't rechargeable, these first electric cars featured throw away batteries. When the batteries ran out, you simply replaced them with new batteries. Imagine how much that cost! And imagine the disposal problem, except back in those days people didn't really have disposal problems. What you didn't want, you simply tossed into the river. (And we wonder how we got to our current predicament!)

The overall weight of an electric car is around the same for an ICE-powered car despite the weight savings inherent to the simpler design of the electric. The reason is the batteries. They take up a lot of weight, pure and simple.

In addition, batteries can only hold so much charge. As a battery ages, it can hold less and less charge. What this means for an electric vehicle is that, as the vehicle ages, its performance degrades. Add to this the fact that batteries take time to charge, hours of time. Electric vehicle owners must plan ahead at all times.

^ItBEft These are the same problems — range, charging time, weight, and charging " ' capacity — that designers of modern electric vehicles need to combat. Even the most advanced battery technology today can only store a small percentage of the energy potential of a gallon of gas of the same weight and space.

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