Nickelbased batteries

Nickel-based battery cells include the nickel-cadmium (NICAD, or NiCd) and the nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) versions. Nickel-based batteries hold much more charge per unit volume of weight than lead-acid batteries, plus they are capable of more recharging cycles over the course of a lifetime (they're good for literally hundreds of charge/recharge cycles). In some of the newer embodiments, the charge time is decreased, and all of these factors make the nickel-based batteries superior, performance wise, to lead-acid versions.

Nickel-based batteries come in many forms: Cylindrical cells are the traditional battery types that we have all seen so much of. Button cells are the kinds used in cell phones and cameras. Nickel-based cells are also used in space applications, where high integrity packaging is a must. Flooded cells are used in heavy-duty applications, such as electric vehicles.

Nickel-based cells cannot be discharged all the way down to zero or permanent damage will result. Therefore, electric cars using these types of batteries have controller functions which won't allow complete discharges.

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