Efficiency Consumption and the Energy Market

Efficiency is not the main factor in reducing energy consumption. While it seems only logical that rising efficiencies will result in reduction in demand, the truth seems to be that increasing efficiency actually increases demand.

So if efficiency isn't the main factor, what is? Price. The only way that consumption will ever be reduced is by raising the price of energy. Because efficiency gains result in increased energy consumption, it's up to the government to tax consumption to the point where people use less energy. This is a difficult proposition, because Americans have become used to low energy prices. Plus, it will take bravery on the part of politicians to push such policies; there doesn't appear to be much of that commodity on hand in today's politicians.

In the following sections, I walk you through the different pieces that make up the puzzle of the energy market, and I give you enough basic info to demystify the factors that impact the market and the ability of society to be more efficient with its energy use.

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