Coming Full Circle and Back to Electric

Over the last century, internal-combustion engines are supported by a massive infrastructure and intellectual property in the technologies. Companies have spent untold millions developing new ideas and machines, and when an industry changes, all those investment dollars are wasted and new investment dollars need to be spent on the new technologies. Companies don't like to waste their money, so they tend to resist new technologies, not because they're inferior but because it's uneconomical. In addition every corner gas station has a mechanic that can recite the details of internal-combustion operation. It will take a considerable investment in new infrastructure before all-electric vehicles displace internal-combustion vehicles.

Whereas the gasoline-powered vehicle was the alternative of yesteryear, supplanting steam- and electricity-powered vehicles, today the tables have turned, and electric-powered vehicles are making a comeback. After several years being transported by gasoline-powered engines, cars are once again returning to their electrical roots and, in the process, becoming little more than large electrical appliances — a trend that will continue to grow over the next few decades. The goal? To completely displace the internal-combustion engine, and with it all the fossil fuel problems inherent to internal combustion.

Barring a complete turn away from internal-combustion engines, the other option is to create alternative fuels that make internal-combustion engines more efficient. See most of the remaining chapters in this part — Chapters 17 through 20 — to examine all these other alternatives.

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

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